On Dewey Decimal and marbled endpapers and ghosts in the stacks
On the decline of college literacy and generational dread
Dr. Waffle & Friends Ep.1.5: I Hate Eleanor HuntListen now (60 min) | On a life in the theater... (sort of)

February 2023

On serial killers, pop stars, and the people who love them
We're live! Four episodes available now!
Dr. Waffle & Friends Ep.1.4: LostListen now | Are you lost if you know where you are?
Dr. Waffle & Friends Ep. 1.3: Take a HikeListen now | Do we like walking as much as we think?
Dr. Waffle & Friends Ep.1.2: I Come FromListen now | A beautiful and complicated place
Dr. Waffle & Friends Ep.1.1: Small TalkListen now | There is no small talk, only small talkers

January 2023

Dr. Waffle & Friends Ep. 0.0: The Jaunty IntroListen now | A teaser for our new podcast, launching February 3rd, 2023
On memory, games, and Broadway stars

November 2022

On phobias, entropy, and mortality